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Snow potato Harvest and Cooking experience

One of Niseko’s most famous produce is with out doubt the potato! Fried potato, potato salad, you name it, Niseko potatoes are delicious enjoyed stewed or simply enjoyed hot with butter and salt. Most commercially sold potatoes are stored over winter in modern high technology, temperature controlled storehouses, however in Hokkaido where temperatures can drop very low during the winter months, potatoes were stored in buried under the snow during the winter months, the temperature in the snow is a near constant 0 degrees and due to enzymes that work at low temperatures, the natural sugar content in the potatoes is increased during the storage using this method. The Tour reconstructs an age old Hokkaido tradition of storing produce in the snow. The tour will take you to a local farm, at the farm you will put on some snow shoes and make your way out to the location in the field where potatoes have been stored, en route enjoy pristine views of the surrounding snow covered fields and the magical winter scenery of Niseko. After locating the potatoes with your help, we will dig out the potatoes and return to base where together we will make Imo mochi (Sticky potato cakes) a traditional Niseko delicacy, which are especially delicious after returning from the outside in the snow. This tour is a little active and encompasses many aspects of live in Niseko for you to enjoy. It is highly recommended to all types of people including children and those who do not ski.

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